Curt Norman has always had a profound interest in wood crafting and has developed a true passion for the art of woodturning. Curt sees the unique beauty in all species of wood, from the chaos of burl to the richness of Cocobolo. He enjoys creating his one-of-a-kind pieces using both domestic and exotic woods. Often Curt will enhance the piece by adding crushed turquoise or include an intricate piercing design. He is constantly seeking to expand his creative expression. Within Curt's collection you will find a wide variety of art pieces such as beautiful hollow-form vases and bowls, often integrating their natural bark edge. He also offers many beautiful gift items including candlesticks, wine bottle stoppers, kaleidoscopes and pens.  Curt is actively involved in two woodturning clubs in the area and a member of the American Association of Woodturners. To browse through a photo gallery of his turnings please visit Gallery Page or if you have any questions, email Curt at

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This is Curt's display area in the Old Market Artists Gallery "OMA" 1034 Howard Street
Omaha, Nebraska  (Lower Passage Way - Old Market)   Phone 402-346 6569... 
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